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“Whale” Sales – Limited Release Marketing

  Limited Releases.  Rares.  Whales.  Trophies. Collectors items.  Investments. Beers. Call them what you will, these brands are unique tools used within the industry to not only generate revenue and brand recognition, but to increase velocity for the brand the entire year. Some production companies have built their model on

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The Wine Industry

Getting Started in the Wine Industry Before even beginning operations in the production or sale of wine products, a business owner must first decide on what type of wine activity that the new business will engage in.  Doing this will not only determine the specific application procedure needed to be

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Brewers and Distillers Spent Grain, the Agricultural Twist by the FDA

Many brewers and distillers maximize their profit potential and reduce their biological waste output by selling their spent grains to farmers for livestock animal feed.  This has recently been subject to potential regulation by the federal government.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published its Preventive Control Rule for

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America’s Fastest Growing Alcoholic Beverage? Cider!

That’s right, as an alcoholic beverage, cider is growing faster than any other category of alcoholic beverages.  From 2012 to 2013 growth increased by 46%!  We know our office is having more and more inquiries about cider from a licensing and compliance point of view.  Most of the inquiries have

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Formulas. Do you even need one approved by TTB?

Sometimes you need one and sometimes you don’t. Regardless, it is best to find out before you apply for your Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) or you will not be allowed to receive your COLA – rather, you will be directed to submit a request for Pre-COLA Product Evaluation –

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Winery Expansion? What TTB Needs from you!

Your winery business is great and you’re expanding -don’t forget to amend your basic permit with TTB. Demand for your wine seems to be going nowhere but up!  That’s fantastic, but you are having to deal with increased production issues.  Perhaps you have bottled all you can from your vineyard

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