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TTB to Continue Enforcement Actions:

TTB has been in the headlines recently stemming from a Northern California wine cellar operator’s failure to pay excise taxes.  On September 16 of this year, owner and operator of Monterey Wine Services, Brenda Jo Kibbee, received a sentence of nine month’s imprisonment for “intentionally failing to pay Federal excise

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TTB Formula Approval – Recent Changes, Part 2

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog focusing on recent changes to TTB’s formula approval process. These changes were designed to streamline the formula approval process for brewers. While Part 1 of the blog outlined changes relating to ingredients used in production, Part 2 will focus on TTB’s changes

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TTB Formula Approval – Recent changes

Ingredients and Processes Used in the Production of Beer Not Subject to Formula Requirements – TTB Ruling Number 2014-4 Interpreted This is the first of a series of blogs interpreting the TTB’s efforts to streamline the formula process for breweries.  This blog will focus on TTB’s adjustments to the formula

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Winery Expansion? What TTB Needs from you!

Your winery business is great and you’re expanding -don’t forget to amend your basic permit with TTB. Demand for your wine seems to be going nowhere but up!  That’s fantastic, but you are having to deal with increased production issues.  Perhaps you have bottled all you can from your vineyard

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Craft Brewers Precision and a Basic Tool – the Beer Meter

According to the Brewers Association, Craft Brewers have succeeded in establishing high levels of quality, consistency and innovation, expanding the minds of the beer consumer and creating the most diverse brewing culture in the world. The number of craft brewers have expanded dramatically in just the last few years and

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