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What to look for in a Beer Festival

Great Beer Festivals – What to Look For Beer festivals are popular around the world.  They occur in large metropolitan areas, medium-sized college towns, and small rural areas.  What makes a beer festival so attractive is that it is a way for a community to gather to relax, enjoy a

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The Beer Industry

Getting Started in the Brewery/Brewing Industry Before even beginning operations in the production or sale of brewery based products, a business owner must first decide on what type of brewery based activity that the new business will engage in.  Doing this will not only determine the specific application procedure needed

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The Economic Impact of Craft Beer!

Thank You Craft Brew! Talk about an impact – billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of jobs – that what craft beer is doing for the economy in the U.S.  The Brewers Association reports that over $30 billion was contributed to the economy last year from the craft brew industry! 

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America’s Fastest Growing Alcoholic Beverage? Cider!

That’s right, as an alcoholic beverage, cider is growing faster than any other category of alcoholic beverages.  From 2012 to 2013 growth increased by 46%!  We know our office is having more and more inquiries about cider from a licensing and compliance point of view.  Most of the inquiries have

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