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The Wine Industry

Getting Started in the Wine Industry Before even beginning operations in the production or sale of wine products, a business owner must first decide on what type of wine activity that the new business will engage in.  Doing this will not only determine the specific application procedure needed to be

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Pick a Trail to Wineries Unlimited!

A wonderful way wineries have helped promote the industry is to establish wine trails. As participants head to Richmond, Virginia for the Wineries Unlimited Tradeshow and Conference, it seemed only appropriate to share some information about the paths they may have taken to get there. Though some states haven’t created

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A Reflection of Economic Stimulus of Northeastern Wineries

As attendees head to the Eastern Winery Exposition in Lancaster, Pennsylvania next week, we want to say thank you to all the winery owners in states represented by industry organizations supporting the show! As the show’s website indicates, this is an Eastern-focused wine industry trade show and conference. This new

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The Economic Boost from Wineries in the Midwest!

Thank You Midwest Wineries for the Economic Boost!   As winery owners from the Midwest make their way to the Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew Conference & Trade Show in St. Charles, Missouri this week we want to say “Thank You”, to all Midwest winery owners! As the

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America’s Fastest Growing Alcoholic Beverage? Cider!

That’s right, as an alcoholic beverage, cider is growing faster than any other category of alcoholic beverages.  From 2012 to 2013 growth increased by 46%!  We know our office is having more and more inquiries about cider from a licensing and compliance point of view.  Most of the inquiries have

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