Month: February 2014

Sustainability in Production – An Eye on Craft Beer

Craft beer is experiencing enormous growth in the American marketplace despite the downturn in the economy. Nationwide, there is a movement to support local businesses.  The craft beer industry has benefited from this movement.  Craft beers are considered to be beers that contain more complex flavors, such as stronger doses

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Brand Protection through Trademarking for your Brand

Many producers spend a lot of time creating a marketable image for their products through innovative images, label designs and catch phrases.  As a producer you hope to stand out based on the sensation of taste.  However, to get the consumer to the point of enjoying what you have created,

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The Economic Boost from Wineries in the Midwest!

Thank You Midwest Wineries for the Economic Boost!   As winery owners from the Midwest make their way to the Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew Conference & Trade Show in St. Charles, Missouri this week we want to say “Thank You”, to all Midwest winery owners! As the

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