Pick a Trail to Wineries Unlimited!

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A wonderful way wineries have helped promote the industry is to establish wine trails. As participants head to Richmond, Virginia for the Wineries Unlimited Tradeshow and Conference, it seemed only appropriate to share some information about the paths they may have taken to get there. Though some states haven’t created wine trails, you can use this information to put together your own trip!

Encompassing seven Virginia Wineries, the Jefferson Heritage Trail, represents the legacy of Thomas Jefferson on the American wine industry.  You will find plenty of award winning wines along this Central Virginia wine trail.  The Blue Ridge Mountains set the scene for the nation’s 5th largest wine region.

Wineries in Florida are dispersed from the Panhandle to the Atlantic and given the climate a favorite wine is made from Muscadine grapes. You will find out all you want to know about Florida wineries from the Florida Grape Growers Association.

Want a sampling of North Carolina wineries? Then head down the Yadkin Valley Wine Trail. The Yadkin Valley represents North Carolina’s first America Viticulture Area (AVA).  This is a booming area with over 36 wineries!  You won’t have to look long to find something you like in one of the wonderful tasting rooms you can visit on this exploration.

West Virginia may not have any official wine trails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own itinerary.  A great starting place is the northeast where you will find Riesling grapes growing. Throughout much of the State, you are likely to find many French-American hybrids. The Mountain State’s varying elevations allows for a wide variety of grapes to be grown. To get your bearings check out the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s guide to wineries.

Charleston, Columbia, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and others, all cities that are home to a winery in South Carolina.   If you have time to spend in the Palmetto State you should take a look at Catch Wine for a great directory of the State’s wineries.

You will find a wide variety of European and American grapes at wineries in Georgia.  Most of the State’s wineries are found in the northern part of the State.  Georgia’s wine industry history goes back to colonial times when its founder tried to introduce viticulture as part of its economic plan. You can read all about that history and find out current information about the industry for your next trip at George Wine Country.

Many opportunities for exploration are provided throughout the area’s wineries.  We thank all the producers for their hard work!