The Economic Boost from Wineries in the Midwest!

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Blog 28

Thank You Midwest Wineries for the Economic Boost!


As winery owners from the Midwest make their way to the Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew Conference & Trade Show in St. Charles, Missouri this week we want to say “Thank You”, to all Midwest winery owners! As the show website indicates, the show is a business to business conference and trade show for wineries who want their businesses to “thrive and prosper.”  Thrive and prosper they have and we all benefit.  Let’s look at these facts from a few Midwestern states:

The Indiana Wine and Grape Council predicts that wineries have an economic impact of $100-$300 million per year in Indiana!

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) reports that the winery industry in Kentucky has been growing exponentially with over 60 wineries in the state and sure to pass 100 within the next couple of years. The KDA and the University of Kentucky are working on an economic impact study  to quantify the impact.  No doubt the results will show the benefits the wine industry provides to agriculture, employment and tourism, among many other benefits.  Visit the Kentucky Vineyard Society or Kentucky Proud,  for more information on the State of Kentucky’s program for agricultural promotion.

The wine industry contributes $300 million to Michigan’s economy as reported by The Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council. Wow! Michigan is the nation’s fourth largest producer of grapes with over 15,000 acres of vineyards.  Remarkably, this number has doubled in the last 10 years!  We can’t imagine that this number will go anywhere but up and that’s good for Michigan and the wine industry.

For a state that had 3 wineries in 2000, Oklahoma has seen dramatic growth in the wine industry with over 60 wineries in 2014! What that means is roughly $100 million in annual economic impact providing 840 full-time equivalent jobs.  If you are looking for more information on the Oklahoma wine industry the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council and Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers, are happy to share this success on their respective websites.

The Kansas Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association, explains that Kansas has experienced rapid growth of wineries for their century old tradition.  The State’s current number of wineries stands at around 25.  With a recent amendment to legislation allowing for some flexibility of sourcing of grapes for Kansas wineries, it is highly likely that the wine industry will sustain itself and continue to grow and support the state.

Exceeding 100 wineries, the State of Illinois reports that over 2000 jobs are attributable to the wine industry in its State.  Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association, reports in excess of 200,000 winery related tourists pass through its state every year! Check out Illinois Wine for more.

The host state of the Midwest Grape & Wine + Craft Brew Conference & Trade Show is Missouri.  The wine industry in Missouri has continued to expand in an exponential way no matter how it is measured – vineyard acres, grape production, jobs, tourism, suppliers for the industry.   To say the grape and wine industry is important to Missouri is in understatement.  To learn more go to the Missouri Wine and Grape Board’s website.

We challenge you to look at other Midwestern State’s grape and wine industry efforts – we think you will be pleasantly surprised!  Should this information inspire you to pursue your own grape or wine related venture, don’t hesitate to contact our office for guidance relating to the organization of your business and the permitting process.  We look forward to helping you.